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Source Using your iPad as a second Final Cut Pro X display with the $10 Duet app

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Use an iPad as a second display with Final Cut Pro X? Sounded a great idea to Chris Roberts, so he thought he’d give the new $10 Duet app a go…

I’ve got a number of different editing configurations; from my 27” iMac with dual thunderbolt display in my office, to my 15” Retina MacBook Pro. I use both systems for the many and varied projects I regularly edit, but a large proportion of the work I undertake is often away from the office, meaning the iMac becomes rather impractical to keep lugging around (not impossible, just impractical).

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That’s where the MacBook Pro comes in. It provides a great mobile editing system and I’ve often put together projects in the strangest locations (including the front passenger seat of my car, but that’s another story…).

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I love the quality of the retina screen on my MacBook Pro, but on more than one occasion I’ve longed for the second display on my iMac. I like using the second display for my events, where I can lay out all my footage in filmstrip view and just skim my way through it - especially when looking for that “lost” cutaway shot.

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Yes, I could lug my Thunderbolt display out on location. But again, that’s not always practical. 

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Chris Roberts is a freelance video producer, editor and trainer specialising in working with Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro CC. Apart from contributing to FCP.co, his greatest claim to fame is that he was at university with Matt Lucas.