Enter the new villian Peekaboo - Barry and Caitlin go looking for new love, but only Barry is successful when he meets a sports reporter. Meanwhile, Cisco considers a surprising offer, the team take on a teleporting metahuman, and Henry is injured at Iron Heights.

The Flash Grodd

45 second recap

  • Sisco the MMA fighter?

I’m no scientician but…

  • Grabbing bullets?

  • how many times can the Piper pull stuff out of his ear? I mean this isn’t a freaking magic show.

  • A gorilla is the arch nemesis? DC makes me sad.

best and worst parts

  • The singing Barry
  • Knowing your limits - Theme moving forward

  • Drunken peek-a-boos are totally cool.

Moze’s Conspiracy Notions

  • Lovey Dovey action
  • Is it possible that Dr. Wells is Barry?

Doctor Wells Wellness Check

  • He seems ok to me Doc.

Shut Up Sisco!