Last night I did what I normally will, scan a few feeds and look at what my buddies are up to. A usual scatter chatter. I was getting some flu-like symptoms so woozy and achey were hitting me. That being said this could have all been a fever dream.


I was shocked.

I tweeted a link to Brett Terpsta @ttscoff a new mash up of Nine Inch Nails and Taylor Swift called Shake it Off/Perfect Drug. I know he liked the DomPeter mix called, “Call Me a Hole.” No big deal, he and I have shared music stuff back and forth. An example of this is our neglected but fun Spotify playlist entitled “Music to Distract”

What Happened Next

Then I got a text from my son saying hey “You got retweeted by someone with 65k followers!” I went to Tweetbot and looked. Before my 4S could boot up the T’bot the barrage had begun on ALL devices.

Even within my podcasting niche(which is tiny, let me be honest) and internet presence, I am a minnow, no plankton. Suffice to say, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me. This doesn’t even quantify as viral. I was given a small glimpse of what it is to be Net famous.

A few words posted and at a moments notice, spread like a firework. I asked Christina (AKA @film_girl) even though I knew the answer, “You must keep notifications turned off?” I cannot imagine having that kind of reach for every single tweet. Not even sure I would want it.

Like I said before, I’m not internet famous by any stretch, so don’t laugh at the numbers. Actually the numbers prove that point with the math.

Thanks for faving, RTing and even reading this.

  • Moze