Barry struggled to vibrate things in a not-too-fast with Linda, the Lab rats get hot an bothered with Firestorm’s composition and Joe & Sisco use the power of a mirror to sleuth out the Perp(s) at Barry’s Mom’s murder. Possible realizations of Barry time traveling. How to be a speedster and date without getting cockblocked by your adopted sister. What happens when you detonate a nuke in star city? The army gets curious that’s what.


The Flash - flashcast


45 second recap

First things first. I’ve been told my daiquiris are quite sinful….

  • Superhero dating tips from Sisco
  • the human vibrator
  • Photographing the past
  • Save a life and hook it up
  • genus of the firestorm
  • Love is where the heart is

This one is on me this week

I’m no Scientician but…

  • Boobs and reopened crime scenes
  • Darwin doesn’t work like that fittest pieces of a heterogeneous mass

Doctor Wells Wellness Check

  • He is on a good guy swing
  • Sacrificing his tech for the FIRESTORM pickle
  • home is the people you love. Something is tucked in that idea.

Best and Worst

  • The secret investigation

Shut Up Sisco!

  • Super light
  • He won’t judge a external cop affair
  • It’s always a little old lady
  • Innuendo dead puppies

NEW Dilated Iris

  • Iris does what all good friends that are girls do, c@*K blocking Barry


  • Dr Snow gets her wish. Sorta

  • Barry has studied physics. Duh.

  • Sisco sleuth ### The Army The General