This is one of those apps that I really want, but can’t yet make the case for purchasing. How does it fit with what I do? Not sure. Yet. This price drop is fairly significant and may be worth taking a strong look at. From 29.99 down to 19.99

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Hindenburg Field Recorder factoids

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Hindenburg Field Recorder is made with radio production in mind. It will work equally well for anyone conducting interviews for podcasts or research.

It’s all about the story…..

Create your interview in three simple steps:

Step 1: Record interview and set markers at points of interest
Step 2: Edit recording with cut, copy, paste and more…
Step 3: Share your interview with attached picture and location


Simply begin recording whenever a story occurs.

Set markers at points of interest in the interview. Markers make it easier to navigate large interviews. Finding those good soundbites can otherwise be a tedious job.

Add additional recordings to your session. This could be speaks or background sounds and more.


Hindenburg Field Recorder has all the editing features needed for creating a radio interview.
The interface is kept simple and uncluttered. But there is more to it than meets the eye.

  • Non-destructive editing with full undo/redo.
  • Cut, copy, paste, insert, break, clear, move, trim and change volume of regions
  • Adjust playback position with audible scrub
  • Rehearse edit or play selection
  • Add fade in and fade out or create cross-fades between regions
  • Create, delete and rename markers, jump between markers
  • Copy and paste audio between sessions
  • Add jingles or sound bites from the favorites clipboard.
  • Use the built in compressor/limiter to increase overall volume.

1. Send to your computer (With Hindenburg Journalist)
2. Send as e-mail
3. Upload to FTP server
4. Share on SoundCloud
5. Share to iTunes
6. Use “Open in…” to share to other apps

Records audio as 16-bit/44.1kHz PCM.
Stereo recording supported with suitable accessories.
Option to monitor with headphones while recording.
Share audio as WAV, AAC or ALAC (AAC only supported on newer devices) with adjustable compression parameters.

Hindenburg Radio Tools are developed and tested in a collaborations with radio professionals.

What’s new

iOS 7/8 updates
Export MP2
Bug fixes
Extended record length to 6 hours