Splitting atoms in 30 seconds

“Fallout” picks up where we left off, with The Flash and Snow trying to outrun a nuclear blast spitting the Firestorm. - After homecomings, the news wants iris to dig up the dirt on star labs.
- Barry gets the info from joes investigation - laying the weight of time travel and failure on his chest.
- Dr wells makes a side deal with the general and offers up a dr stein.
- in-turn the team finds out separation is atomic. And permanent - but not before Barry and stein get theoretical over time travel.
- firestorm and flash fight the army before busting out to Pittsburgh - the reverse flash is revealed as wWells and makes a deposit to the bank of Grodd

Reverse Flash Still in the process of Getting my notes together but, here are a few scribbles.

Divorce Court for heroes

  • Show and tell. Joe and Barry

Time Traveler?

Conspiracy Corner with Dilated Iris

  • Destined to fail

I am no Scientician

  • Army wants what it wants.

With kinetic needles. Really?

Shut up Sisco

Being inside Ronny

Wade v Wells

Tender Moments

The Weight of Joe’s investigation on Barry

Wellness Check

how bout some revelation! Um not exactly on the good guys side

“Last time I did this was to a Gorilla” -the general

Your country thanks your matrix of power, what dynamic writing (fart sound)