Now Comes the Bending of Timelines

What has Happened? & What can be Prevented? - Death - Knowledge - Barry knows events that others may never know.

incomparable Flashcast

Weather Wizard appears in Central City to avenge his brother’s death and targets Joe, who shot the man. Meanwhile, Cisco recalls the night when the team captured the Reverse Flash and realizes something doesn’t add up; and Barry and Linda go on an awkward double date with Eddie and Iris.

Flashbacks (I didn’t realize we were going to be playing with time at this point)

  • before my time

Powers and Issues

Mirror/Mirage Flash

Dilated Iris

  • bowling gets girls hot.
  • Just uncomfortable

Dr. Wells

  • Back Burning the “Mirage” for more pressing plot points

Eddie conspiracy abounds

Is not ok with it. >There is a conspiracy theory with Eddie. One thing I’m thinking about is that as a descendent and relative of the reverse flash Eddie has reasons and family relations to help Dr. Wells

Fast as Lightning

The typical lightning bolt moves at 224,000 mph – or about 3,700 miles per second.

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