Daredevil Season 2 episode 4

  • Irish moving in Matt looking for forgiveness. Grotto is dead

The power of guilt

Frank works on himself

Is there a conspiracy with Reyes and Punisher? Karen thinks so. The X-ray of Frank’s skull.
- Subtle icons.

Melvin’s workshop

  • Old contact want gear
  • Melvin shows off the Gladiator top of his costume.

Karen begins her investigation

Frank is caught by the Irish.

Bounty on the Punisher

Police don’t want the Devil. “You’re on your own side”

At the Castle residence with Karen.

Matt interrogates the Irish at carousel

Frank gets interrogated by the Irish.

  • Shows his steel and resolve
  • What is retribution?
  • How much pain can a man endure to follow a plan to its conclusion? DD comes to the rescue. Frank gets under the skin…with razors

  • Shotty to the face

  • No killing says the altar boy.
Karen trips a silent alarm in an abandoned Castle home. Who has arrived?

DD and Punisher in the graveyard. What is the rhyme? Fear of war, fear of losing what he loved. Matt likes to listen. (Great reaction) “Have you ever been tired Red?”

Moments we wish we had, now lost.

Protect the Kitchen.

  • Matt gives the collar to police. “Can’t be me”
  • Frank now in custody.