The Flash Recap: Metapocalypse – Vulture

“Invincible” is a near-perfect episode, hindered only by a few hiccups. (How did Zolomon open his own portal? And yikes, when Barry saves Dr. McGee, the limits of the CW’s effects budget are really obvious.) Those issues are easy to brush off, however, because the rest works so well.

The Episode Opens With Central City in Utter Chaos. While the Metahumans From Earth-2 Wreck Havoc, Barry Must Put Out Their Literal and Metaphorical Fires.

But He’s Not Afraid — Instead, He’s Overconfident. the Speedforce Has Changed Barry.

Caitlin Reckons With PTSD After Her Kidnapping. Wally Tries to Be a Hero, Despite Joe’s Wishes to Keep Him Safe.

Barry Gets the Bright Idea to Confront Zolomon, Who Is Still Holed Up in the Central City Police Department. “I Know You Didn’t Call Me Up Here to Banter,” Barry Says. but He Did! During Their Conversation, Zolomon Explains That They Are Two Sides of the Same Coin.

In a Single Episode, the Flash Better Serves Laurel Than Arrow Did in Several Seasons. Introducing a Badass Female Villain Adds a Lot of Energy to This Show.

Black Siren has swagger. She has great chemistry with Zolomon. (Did they ever date?)

Black Siren even plays a key role in one of the episode’s best scenes. We learn that Barry has found a way to stop everyone from Earth-2, which involves something that Cisco dubs “dimensional shock therapy.”

Cisco and Caitlin pretend to be their Earth-2 counterparts just reminds me that I wish those characters weren’t dead. Killer Frost and Reverb added a lot to the show. It was a mistake to have Zolomon kill them off.

What’s Most Important Happens at the Very End. Iris Hosts a Little Surprise Celebration for Henry Since He Has Decided to Stay in Central City.

Barry Doesn’t Even Hesitate, Speeding Off After Him. and There’s That Look on Wally’s Face.

Barry watches Zolomon plunge his hand through Henry, killing him swiftly.