Daredevil 10-12

Children are being harvested

Punisher takes out the DA

Matt confronts Kingpin

Elektra looks to flee Jacques Duchamp > got really excited about Jacques Duchamp, thinking that maybe he was Moon Knight’s buddy. Then I remembered that’s Jean-Paul Duchamp, and there’s probably no relation. Then again, Moon Knight is so perfectly suited to this universe that I have to figure he’s inevitable. Unless my fellow hornheads out here have any idea who he’s supposed to be, I’m out of ideas. Maybe he’s Jean-Paul’s brother?

Hold the phone! Loran Nagle thinks that perhaps the mysterious Jacques might actually be Jacques Duquesne, known as the Swordsman, the guy who helped train Hawkeye. Is it possible that the subtitles betrayed us here?

Matt and nurse Clair

Organic substances in bloodstream

Separations of human being and hero.

Karen finds Frank.

Frank saves Karen.

Elektra battling. Earns her sai

Stick sent the assassin.

Ninjas at the hospital

Kids are awake.

DD episode 11

Ninja all over. Matt clocks in with Clair. Daredevil leap action.

It’s not your city anymore! - Clair

Karen at the PD

Covers for Frank Karen reveals working for newspaper. Matt furious

I’m not yours to protect. - Karen

Karen to Frank

Find blacksmith

Foggy at hospital

New opportunity perhaps.

Clair finds

Ninja was already dead???

DA assistant gets pumped for Blacksmith Intel

Frank at the diner.

Gun ownership by Frank What it is to feel pain.

Karen used as bait. Frank is tricky.

Chinese Laundry.

Matt looking for answers.
Madam Gow!!!

Frank cleans up at diner

Brutally gets Intel on Blacksmith.

Stay away from me. - Frank


What is the real threat.

Aligned ideals to get Blacksmith.


Hush money

Clair gives them the truth.


Frank is stopping the heroin.

Red v Black Hand to hand Matt wins.

  • Justice in the hands punisher.
  • Frank warns of crossing lines.


stick give the men something

DD episode 12

Flashback Elektra Fight

Ninjas attack. Taking stick

Elektra wants blood at all costs.

Boat bodies.

Foggy and Matt

End of the practice. The divorce.
Forget magic. Look for manhole covers. Admitting defeat. ### To the subway lines.


Karen says the story is dead. Why do you care about Frank?

DD tunnels

New techniques blood drops

Karen to the Colonels house

What was Frank like.

The connection is made.

Get Stick

Track breath. Bamboo shoots

KC and sunshine band

Frank is on the case. Watching Karen.

Stick is proud and Elektra says stop

Elektra is the black sky. How does this make sense??

Frank vs Blacksmith.

Frank gets his arsenal

Matt kills Nobu


DD must die.