Notes on the Flash Episode Three

  • Now that Barry’s resolved his own family issues, it’s time for him to play super therapist
  • Barry gets interrupted from labwork by a call from Iris, who is getting shot at by the most hardcore real estate scammers ever.
  • After a tense meeting with Iris’ mom Francine, Joe confesses to Barry that she is still alive and Barry encourages him to tell Iris.
  • Barry, Caitlyn and Cisco try to figure out how to extract the bomb with a magnet, but keep coming up with dead ends.
  • Meanwhile Cisco devises a high-powered gun to deactivate the bomb
  • Things are finally moving between Patty and Barry as she gives him her number and reveals why she’s so peppy (she must have had tons of caffeine from staking Barry out at the coffee shop).
  • we leave things on another cliffhanger, with Martin Stein convulsing and bursting into blue flames and Earth-2 Harrison Wells stepping through the newly stabilized gateway.

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