Trickster In this episode of The Flash, actor Mark Hamill reprised his earlier role as The Trickster as he was up to his old ways as James Jesse, a villain who was imprisoned for his crimes.

45 second recap

When a new trickster by the name of Axel Walker comes to town, Barry must stop him before he bombs Central City, or so he makes them think. While making Joe and Barry think he has no idea what is going on, James Jesse actually is involved in his own major trick, and Henry Allen ends up an unwitting pawn in his game.

Meanwhile, Iris is getting suspicious about the disappearance of her co-worker, Mason Bridge. When she asks The Flash for help, he realizes this could be dangerous and he ends up revealing himself to another person, bringing them in to help keep Iris safe.

Flashbacks to 15 years previous show what happened the night Nora Allen was killed and the events afterwards that led us to where we are today. As if The Flash couldn’t get even more powerful and cause our jaws to drop, they drop yet another twist into the story of Eobard Thawne and Harrison Wells.

I’m no scientician but…

Vibration of Air molecules? Or Vibration of the matter you’re passing through

Doctor Wells Wellness Check

  • transformatron ala Fringe A stab in the chest can do it?

best and worst parts

The Trickster / Starwars Drop > “I’m your father.”

Shut Up Sisco!