‘The Flash’ Recap: ‘the Trap’

Wowwiee Zowie! What a twist of fate.  **Flashback** Joe, Iris and Harrison Wells were up to while Barry was in a coma, and went in for the emotional drama, only to turn the tables on us at the last minute.

Back to the future

  • We pick up right at the end of last episode, with Barry, Cisco and Caitlin inside HarrisonWells’ “time vault,” as they dub it.
  • newspaper headline from April 25, 2024 of future Flash vanishing in a “crisis.” >While they contemplate time paradoxes (and we contemplate the A.I. slipping that the Flash is a founding member of … a league of some sorts?) and Barry is fixated on Iris’ new surname,

  • A.I. that controls the vault, Gideon, was created by Barry himself.

A bait and switch


  • We get thrown into some Eddie-Iris drama as Eddie asks for Joe’s blessing and doesn’t get it But Team Flash meet up and try to figure out how they can get not-Harrison Wells to confess for Nora Allen’s murder and get Barry’s dad out of jail.

  • Barry reveals that he already went back in time and may have created an alternate timeline

  • The team decides to follow through with Barry’s bad idea of using Cisco as bait to get Harrison to confess

  • DREAMS Harrison Wells’ identity. Caitlin, Joe and Barry finally learn everything — that Wells is actually Eobard Thawne and that Nora Allen was killed because Eobard was trying to kill Barry.

Then, Barry gets a phone call from Wells

Out of the frying pan

(Katie Yu/The CW)

As far as rescue attempts of the week, this one was pretty cut-and-dry. Barry has to go save an office building full of people from where Police Captain Singh’s finance happens to work.

Barry up is his ongoing struggle between saving people and trusting Wells. The day ends with Barry and Wells having a conversation laden with meaning, where they realize that neither could have become who they are without the other.

      In Flash back land, we see coma Barry as Iris moves on (even though there are literal sparks between her and Barry), Joe cedes to Harrison and Harrison finally accomplishes his goal of getting Barry under his wing.

Into the fire



As Barry and co., set the trap, the situation starts eerily like the alternate timeline, with Cisco and Wells echoing their earlier conversation
  • Barry and Joe hiding in the wings. But just when things seem to start going their way

The Real Twister

  • Cisco’s speedster barricade doesn’t work against Wells and Joe shoots him, revealing that it’s not Wells but the translucently-skinned shapeshifter
  • Wells monologues against Barry
  • Wells had cameras everywhere. The real trap was for them.
  • Wells goes after Iris, During possible engagement.
  • Eddie gets kidnapped and learns he has a descendant
  • Iris finally figures it out the Flash is Barry with a spark foreshadowed in a flashback