Rorschach vs Invincible Listener Comments

  • Smartest detective on the board
  • I asked Rorschach to save me once, he said no.
  • watchman watershed moment in comics
  • if he lived Can prove we never went to the moon
  • Coolest mask in comics
  • Made eating cold beans cool again
  • Nihilism

  • The Watchmen is genius, and Rorschach is key to taking us into the story. He’s a maniac, but he’s also very human. I want more Rorschach stories.

  • Rorschach isn’t afraid to do terrible things in the name of justice.

  • Rorschach, just has a cooler name. Very, shrinky.

  • I have actually heard of Rorschach

I’ll go with the paranoid murderous vigilante over the teenager. Rorschach is the guy who gets things done while everyone else is a slacker. Also, Invincible is the most pompous name since Mr. Fantastic.

Because the Question didn’t make it.

This is the only person he could have won against… I’ve actually read Watchmen.

Why not?

Conspiracy!!!! The committee is behind this! Invincible is the best modern comic book character, and will eventually sport a moustache that could win this tournament without the rest of him, being better than Magnum P.I. era Tom Selleck.

He’s not trapped in a bracket with these heroes, THEY’RE TRAPPED IN A BRACKET WITH HIM!!! I know who Rorscach is.

A complicated character in a complicated story. Awesome!

Rorscach is the worst

Becuase he is actually David Fincher level scary Terrifying and yet compelling in equal measure. Hrm.

Invincible is perpetually the successful underdog.

What part of invincible is hard to understand? Beans in a can.

This is probably the most difficult decision because I don’t care one single bit about either character.

I have not read Watchmen, but I understand that it is my solemn nerd duty to appreciate it and opine constantly about the Importance of Watchmen in the History and Development of Comic Books. So in order to keep up appearances, I’m going to back the crazy iconic guy.

why not Rorschach as a 6-seed is ripe for upset.

(Honestly, I don’t know who Invincible is)

I heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Life seems harsh, and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world. Doctor says: “Treatment is simple. The great clown - Pagliacci - is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. “But doctor…” he says “I am Pagliacci.” Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

Just a cool character

Voting against the Question would be like crossing the angriest, most psychotic person who ever lived.

I don’t expect Rorschach to advance anymore. He’s a weak character, but an important character. More important than Invincible.

I don’t remember who/what Invincible is, even though I listened to

that episode last night. Only because I don’t like Invincible.

Gotta respect a dude who never gives up, never quits, and isn’t afraid of anyone.

He’s not dead

A comedian died last night and nobody cares, nobody cares but me

I didn’t hate the movie.

Best part of Watchmen

Never underestimate the power of sheer crazy. Watchmen was awesome when I first read it.

I would’ve voted for Rorschach, but spelling counts.

Hrrm. I like Rorscach, but if he were alive today he’d be on Reddit trading Bitcoin for Truther conspiracy theories. I can’t politically support that.

Rorschach probably had a bigger impact on the medium of comics than

his opponent but his opponent is a much better hero and actually has super powers

Invincible isn’t just a teenage superhero. He’s half alien, half human, son to his world’s Superman equivalent. He’s far more powerful than Earth’s other native heroes and has stood as opposition to Earth’s dominion by his father’s race. He has had to fight countless other-dimensional versions of himself to the death while somehow maintaining his sanity, has a non-human half brother who looks for very… different… characteristics in a mate, and an abundance of crazy alien and super powered friends and acquaintances who all end up seeming insane at some point or another.

Wouldn’t have known Invincible if not for the podcast. Plus Rorscach

felt like one of the only characters in his series with his finger on the pulse…

Who is this invisible character? A kid that is strong and can fly, now there’s a crazy premise. On that note going with the human inkblot.

Having experienced numerous setbacks, including multiple battle losses, Invincible loses on account of irony. Coin toss. Really, I tossed a coin. No.

Only good prt of the movie, one of the best parts of the books.

Because he’s not stuck in here with me. I’m stuck in here with him.


The splotches told me to


Look, guys. If you can’t even spell “Rorschach” correctly in the “Rorscach (6) vs. Invincible (14)”…it’s clear you’re telling me how to vote!

The reason is whatever you want it to be

July 15. 32 heroes disappeared last week from this challenge. No one seems to notice. I notice. I will find those responsible and show them justice.

I see what I want.


Explanation unnecessary.

Rorscarch, like Daredevil, can take a beating and always get up.

Death wasn’t an option

Image is killing it and was under-represented in this tourney. I don’t care if he produced some good work, Alan Moore hates his audience or is at least filled with contempt for most readers and none of his characters deserve the nod. Also Promethea was awful and I blame you folks for that still.


because Nihilism Who were these two again?

Talk Invincible to death.

He had the strength of his convictions to potentially end the world in the closing panels of Watchmen.

Extreme stench is likely an underrated power.

Fierce morality is the most important thing in a superhero. It might be your undoing, but that’s why we love Rorschach. cooler than thou

Every man eventually turns into Rorschach if he never gets married.

I LOVE Invincible (the book). And I think Watchmen is incredibly overrated. I’ve never heard of either character, but any character named after a psychological test (Rorschach?) is at least slightly interesting out of the gate.


I see my pain in him.

Rorschach is a lampoon of everything Ditke believes, and I must support this endeavor.

DO IT!!!

Psychotic yet honest.

Invincible? Sorry, but Rorscach is more interesting.

This is about heroes, not creeps.

Sometimes crazy wins.

Can they both lose? That’d be my vote. Can they both lose? That’d be my vote.

Rorscach is cunning (also creepy) and his years of hard won experience defeat a teenager.

Flipped a coin

Pretty good Spiderman

He’s the closest thing to The Question we have left in this competition, so I’ll go with him.


Is Rorschach a superhero or just a nutcase? I suppose the question is why he is popular?

Don’t care. Neither is Batman. Don’t know who they are No clue who the Invincible is, I’m sure it is a stupid

Because I had to pick one

Im the loser here. Both great. But that mask..,

I think maybe the Question had a chance.

The Watchmen is one of the few comics I have read… I don’t know anything about the other one… Not the superhero we aspire to be, but the one we would probably become.


No question about it. Rorschach all the way on this one. :p

I just have a thing for crazy heroes i guess Much as the ultraviolence of the Invincible comic got to me, I’d rather depend on him than Rorscach

I don’t know either one, so I just randomly chose. Who?

Rorschach is basically a bad-ass.

Way more interesting character.

I don’t really even know who these people are.

I’m eating beans straight out of a can right now. Rorschach REALLY scares me!!! “Hrmh “

Rorschach is the kind of hero I truly admire. One that can die and make a story meaningful.

Because Rorsarch did the right thing, even if he’s the worst in every other way.

Creepy guy. He should slink away.

I can’t see why

They both have daddy issues but only one of them is a ginger.

I know who Rorschach is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rorschach. One of the best characters ever. The deconstruction of a superhero is not a superhero.

Hrm. ###Because we don’t want him to look down and say “NO” when we cry for help. One of the most pivotal and important characters in comic book history. Is more successful than any other attempt at questioning what would drive a masked hero and what that life would do to an individual. A far nastier, grimier and complex character than we’d ever have got if DC’s execs had just let Moore use The Question in the first place.

Uuuuuuuugh. I pick Rorschach since I see him as a merciless parody of the trad ‘adult comic fan’. But this one I really wish ‘abstain’ was a choice.

I wish it was Invincible vs Superman because Invisible is way better.

He has to win. He is Invincible.

Oh man…hardest decision yet. Invincible IS the best super hero comic, just as advertised. Rorschach is awesome though. By a nose… Because invincible is a stupid name.

Because Invincible deserved a better defense. The three sentence pitch: What if your Dad was Superman, but he wasn’t a good guy? Your Dad also has a Magnum PI mustache. Rorschach is too creepy

He’s batshit crazy and will do anything to win.

Just can’t vote for invincible “Creepy moving face mask. Isn’t stuck in here with you. Sounds tough I suppose “

I’d be scared to vote against Rorschach, and I don’t know whether this Invincible kid would protect me!

Rorschach isn’t a Super Hero.

“A superman retread vs. Moore’s (improved) version of the Question?

I guess Rorscach for being so influential. He far eclipsed his inspiring character.”

I vote for Rorschach… mostly because it frosted Alan Moore’s ass that the character he propped up as the crazy, right-wing lunatic ended up being the most popular character from the Watchmen. We were supposed to point at him and laugh, weren’t we Mr. Moore? Dude. He’s Rorschach.

Since you schmucks had the audacity to knock The Question out of the running, I’ll have to push to see this poor-man’s copy go as far as he can.

long shot!

It was a travesty that The Question didn’t get this far, so I’ll vote for the ripoff

Coin toss. Really, I tossed a coin.

The best think about the Watchman movie. Brilliantly acted, and brilliantly dark. Seriously, have you read Invincible ? It’s got everything AND it’s good !

Oh, very very tough match. Rorschach is just too important to the

history of comic books. Invincible tells the Spiderman story better than most Spiderman runs, but Watchmen changed all of the stories.

Inspired by the Question. Written by Moore.

Deadpool vs Wonder Woman

Some will say this woman has a legacy as a strong female character at least.

  • Deadpool understands the 4th wall
  • was able to destroy the Marvel universe
  • He beat cancer so buy verdict against my client you are indicating a pro cancer stance ##Chimichangas baby!
  • The number one woman of comics. F— Deadpool

She’s Wonder Woman and she deserves a movie series and a TV show.

Deadpool would be overly distracted by WW’s looks & BSDM overtones and lose.

Not, Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool is one of the most awful characters in all of comics.

Ryan Reynolds will not be playing Wonder Woman. It came down to names. One is dead and the other is wonderful.

I think she did Kung fu in the 90s in pantsuits.

Tough tough choice. I hate Deadpool, and Wonder Woman is boring… and she even MARRIES SUPER JESUS, err… Superman in that comic you guys covered in another Incompble… But… Lynda Carter when I was ten… I don’t really “get” Deadpool.

The lasso of truth can’t do anything to Deadpool, he’s crazy.



I hate Deadpool with the fires of a thousand hells, and almost as much

as the judges hate Thor.

She’s bad ass

Chimichangas baby!

#Deadpool is probably voting in this poll.

Ryan Reynolds vs whatever awfulness Zack Snyder has for us. We lose either way I cannot tell a lie…no, seriously…her lasso is around me.

Because all the reasons. For history, rather than anything else. Yes, she has suffered indignities but she also pioneered the female protagonist as more than just a man with skimpier clothes. I don’t much like Wonder Woman, but I hate Deadpool.

Lasso of truth beats snark every time.

Invisible jet.

Wonder Woman seems pretty cool, I guess. Well, maybe not cool. But again my “not knowing about comics” and “being too lazy to Google Deadpool” hands the victory to the hero with name recognition. Hey, it matters in politics, too.

boyhood crush

I really like Wonder Woman, but I feel like Deadpool will be more popular at the box office.

“Diana is amazing. She’s one of the best female superheroes in the business. She’s probably the second most important member of today’s Justice League (after Batman, maybe third if you include Luthor on the current lineup). She can take on the strongest, smartest, and darkest villains without breaking a sweat.

Plus, she’s not famous simply for being quippy. She’s so much more.”

I’m a deadpool fan but WW is too good and too important to go out like that

Voting against WW would be like swearing at your mom.

Wonder Woman fights for what is right and so is a winner in my book. After seeing the new trailer for Superman vs Batman, and the 2 seconds Wonder Woman is on there…….she rocks it. Plus in the DC Cartoon movies she is a great character.

The theme song is still stuck in my head.

Hard choice, but if I’ve taken Superman out of the race, then Wonder Woman has to stay in.

Iconic. A warrior whose goal is peace rather than fighting. We could use some more of her in the world.


Ryan Renolds!! Linda Carter.

“Wonder Woman’s origin story and motivation are a bit of a mess. Is she a pacifist? A warrior? A lump of clay? How many classic Wonder Woman stories have you read?

I don’t love Deadpool, but there are some awesome Joe Kelly/Ed McGuiness comics. I’d take him here.”

Aren’t we all just kind of sick of Deadpool?

Merc with a mouth

Sometimes it’s Wade’s job to lose in the most humiliating way

possible. This is one of those times. Ryan Reynolds. Enough said.

The whip

I never cared for Wonder Woman or Deadpool, but I loathe Deadpool fans so they should totally lose. They can pretend to meta-explain their discontent to the “writer”. Deadpool! Deadpool cosplayers are annoying.

I don’t know much about Deadpool but I perceive him to be a joke; archetype wins

Horse Fucking

The other guy is too crazy ##Love that Deadpool breaks the fourth wall in his comics… but Wonder Woman is too iconic. Love her character - very complex in the comics.

Ryan Reynolds. No more need be said. Dead pool is unpredictable and cooler

Ryan Reynolds vs. Lynda Carter. I rest my case.

An Amazonian in a bustier with bullet-deflecting bracelets and a magic rope is far less silly than Deadpool. Sexist, maybe, but she’s hot. ##Postmodern hero.

Deadpool has fourth wall breaking powers. Also likely to annoy Dianna to death.

Wonder Woman is an idea that should be good but often falls short. Dear pool is an idea that should be dumb but often works great.

Amazon! Amiright???

Deadpool is kind of a dick.

Green! Linda Carter!


Weirdly enough Deadpool has turned out to be one of my daughter’s favorite superhero characters. So how could I not vote for him?

Maybe she’ll finally be non-boring after the movie

Gotta stay with the iconic female character.

I’d give it to Wonder Woman, but she hasn’t had a great story in a long time. Wonder Woman is the least interesting of the DC trinity…. and superman is one of then so that’s saying a lot. Wonder Woman! Invisible plane! Bracelets! Lynda Carter!

I love Wonder Woman, but Deadpool is so meta.

Ryan Reynolds

Amazon queen

I hate deadpool

Deadpool is dumb.

You know what? I’m fucking tired of Deadpool.

Deadpool is overplayed like Wolverine

Merc with a mouth.

Deadpool would understand why.

If Deadpool has a theme song, I am unaware of it.

Wonder Woman may always be my favorite. the only super hero I could relate to as a child.

Wonder Woman does everything that Superman does she just does it backward and in high heels.

“Linda Carter. Nuff said.

Deadpool was created by Rob Leifeld and is therefore an abomination. “ I have a soft spot in my heart for Wonder Woman, even though I don’t think the character has ever reached her potential. Hopefully Hollywood is ready to treat her right.

Because I am tired of seeing a zillion Deadpool cosplayers at every Con.

Wonder Woman represents what’s best in humanity and has an invisible jet.

Vote based solely on the test footage for the Ryan Reynolds movie.

Amazon > snarky any day.

Wonder Womaannnnnn! Any time, any day, any week. Even awfully campy 70s TV shows can’t tarnish your legend.

It pains me, but DC has never figured out what to do with Wonder Woman. Marvel knows exactly what to do with Deadpool. ()

I was born in 1975. Lynda Carter will forever be in my dreams.

Deadpool cosplay is so 2014. I say we need more Amazon princesses!

Deadpool cosplay is so 2014. I say we need more Amazon princesses!

Deadpool is not a gentleman, and Wonder Woman does not abide rudeness.

I hate Deadpool. Diana is one of the Holy Triumvirate. No contest.

Tough. I enjoy the comic but Ryan Reynolds… But then I remember the 70’s TV series for WW…

Deadpool is boring

“Deadpool is so over-rated. This is how this would go down: Deadpool would be looking at the camera and being all quippy, and Wonder Woman would come up from behind him and knock his lights out. Done. “

Amazonian goddess…nuff said

Sometimes meta is too meta.

Is Deadpool a hero?

No scruples. Would totally win the fight

Don’t care. Neither is Batman. But Batman would want me to throw a vote to WW.

Because Wonder Woman is pretty I’ve only ever read Azzarello’s run on Wonder Woman and the Marvel Now Deadpool, but I enjoyed Azzarello’s Wonder Woman more.

She’s wonderful!

Lynda Carter > Ryan Reynolds

Because she needs new clothes

ughh Deadpool. Diana is rad.

Not really much of a contest. I have never seen an interesting depiction of Wonder Woman, but she is iconic. Is Deadpool a Hero??

See note regarding Black Widow. Deadpool shoryuken’ed Kitty Pryde so that he could fight Wolverine.

“I can’t stand deadpool. again not a character I’m super familiar with, but the few times I remember him, I do so because I thought he was just obnoxious.

I probably would have voted for Wonder Woman anyway, but I’m really glad I get to vote against deadpool.”

Deadpool forever The only woman who can go toe to toe with Superman vs a comedic antihero portrayed by Ryan Reynolds and created by Rob Liefeld. Need I say more?

Dead pool because Wonder Woman, like Superman is overrated. Still waiting for Lynda Carter to call me.

Snarky and violent. Cool. Oh and insane. Also cool.

Cool back story. I guess she is basically DC’s Thor, but not boring.

“Deadpool is funny in limited amounts. He was good in Jason Aaron’s X-Force run. Otherwise he’s a lazy writer’s best friend and so achingly dull. The worst of the ’90s.

Wonder Woman has been denied top class writing talent a lot but is a fantastic character. And her creator invented the lie detector test. “

How do you vote against the Trinity?

There’s a reason wonder woman is one of the Trinity DP is crazy enough to pull it off! Wonder Woman is basically a goddess, trained for war by gods. She could arguably win the whole tournament.

Tough call, but I really like Wonder Woman. The Merc who’s a Jerk doesn’t hold a candle to her.

She’s the best. Always was and always will be.

Smart-ass only takes you so far. Wonder Woman potentially under-seded to begin with at #2.

She’s wonder-full

Super Lame vs. Super Friend

Neither are super heroes. Edge goes to Wonder Woman who is actually heroic.

“Deadpool is the worst.

Conversely, Wonder Woman? Pretty cool.” Linda Hamilton made me FEEL THINGS when I was a kid. Hmmm, just got the feels for Ms Prince. Also Deadpool was always a second-rate Wolverine really. Bondage undertones stir strange feelings.

As much as I want to vote against Deadpool on principle, I don’t really ‘get’ Wonder Woman and I don’t think most of her creative teams have either.

Because Deadpool is stupid

  • Because she fought the nazis. “Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman was amazing. The best ““New 52”” book. Deadpool is terrible. I guess he’s supposed to be funny? Never saw it.” Because I hate alliteration.

  • golden lasso, invisible plane, what’s not to love

Can you imagine the madness that Deadpool would blather on about if he

got in Diana’s lasso?

Once Deadpool is caught in the Lasso of Truth and is forced to admit he uses humor to cover up his own knowledge that he is a one-dimensional, annoying character that never should have continued past the awful 90’s he removes himself from the competition in shame. Never understood the appeal of Wonder Woman. Reading some deadpool as part of infinity event. Find he balances out other characters in thunderbolts “Wise cracking chimichanga eating assassin who can’t die. Pretty strong lady with bracelets “

There’s more than quips to being super!

Linda Carter imprinted on me at an early age. So tempted to pick Deadpool because he would probably drive Diana crazy with questions about Lynda Carter or that failed pilot. But common sense creeps back in. Deadpool is possibly the most annoying character in the Marvel Universe. Diana may not be able to kill him, but she can probably set a boulder on him big enough to keep him pinned down somewhere far away.

“Wonder Woman is the SECOND most overrated superhero. When it comes to characters and Wonder Woman, there’s no there, there.

That said, I’d like to see the two of these people trapped in an elevator.

Deadpool for the win.” Despite the sexist outfit, Wonder Woman’s (and her creator’s) weird kink factor sways me in this direction.

Deadpool has too much attitude for me to like him, and the witty banter is hard to take in my ‘books. Pretty much the same excuse I have for not liking Spider-Man!

them bracelets!! Andy’s arguments are just wonderful When Deadpool wins this entire bracket this will have been a colossal waste of time.

Sexist, maybe, but she’s hot.

I hate to go back on what I have said previously, but god Wonder Women is such a lame, crappy superhero. She was born in the sexism of the 50’s and should have been left there. Wonder Woman shouldn’t be able to fly.

Better origin both in the comics and the real history of the character’s creation.

Gambit vs Iron Man Listener Comments

  • Purple Defense
  • Iron man wears less purple.
  • Chatum tatum AKA magic mike declined

Sure, they’ll both likely steal your girlfriend, but at least Tony will pay for the party. How did Gambit survive round 1? He was pretty good on the cartoon show, but so was Jubilee. Iron Man is an aspirational yet relatable character who pushes how we think about technology and our relationship with it. Shame Ultron wasn’t better.

Iron Man surely has a Gambit-proof suit in his basement.

Iron Man and Tony Stark is America. He embodies all the ideals of America and works for it while at the same time has fun doing it. He is a super genius inventor who works for the great good of society, but at the same time knows how to have fun with himself.

Silicon Valley tries to emulate him and they are getting quite close. Additionally, he has a great sense of UX and UI with his suits. Sure, he is flawed, but is not America flawed as well?

Us MIT grads need to stick together.

Tony Stark’s smug charm is backed up by his high IQ and billions of dollars while Gambit’s is solely based on his accent. I wouldn’t want to be friends with either. Both asses. Both unreliable. In the end I hate poker.

Gambit was always lame.

GAMBIT IS NOT THE COOLEST X-MAN!!!!!!!!! Demon in a Bottle!

He’s awesome!

Anyone but Gambit, please.

He is the coolest X-Man. Because if we let Gambit go any farther, someone will try to do the 90s cartoon era accent, and that CAN NOT BE. Still can’t believe Gambit won last round. Stupidest X-Man ever. Genius

Gambit doesn’t ride in the Fun-v I can’t vote for Gambit.

Gotta love that hulk buster armor.

I can’t pick Gambit.

nana nana nanana IRON MAN Like Captain America, Tony Stark is aware of his limitations. Unlike Captain America, he is human enough to run up against them.

90s cartoons

Gambit? What? Really? C’mon.

One of these has style Best Marvel movie, hands down. It had a FunVee

Okay, I have to admit, Gambit was actually one of my favorite of the “lame” X-men characters (Yes, including Cyclops too). I didn’t like that he became a leader of one of the X-factions during the 00s, but I did love his character. That being said, Iron Man is just too nerdtastic not to vote for. “The truth is… I am Iron Man.” Cut to black. Credits roll. Easy.

Tony has cooler toys.

Self explanatory

Gambit confuses me so Iron Man wins. While Gambit is great, Stark is better.

Both are ridiculous, but Gambit owns up to it better.

Ok, TWO contrarian answers. Also, RDJ aside, I cannot stand Iron Man. How did this even happen?

Gambit shouldn’t have made it out of the first round.

Allowing Gambit past Phoenix is a nearly complete travesty. Might as well complete it and crown him the greatest superhero of all.

Mon ami

I loved Gambit growing up, but RDJ as Iron Man changed everything Gambit is lame.

Gambit’s a joke

It’s still not clear that Gambit isn’t in fact homeless. RDJ rocks. He. Is. Iron Man.

Tony stark

No one likes Gambit If card-throwing is a super power, where’s Ricky Jay?

Throwing cards is silly! How did he even make it this far? I made a song about Gambit. Pretty funny.

see my explanation of why I didn’t pick Deadpool

Tech Nooo! Don’t make me vote against Gambit! I love his power!! But otherwise Iron Man has me. Love the everyman (no powers) angle, plus another very complex character (in the comics).

Iron man shoots lasers and the gambit throws cards

In the face of such a Stark contrast in hero coolness I side with technology and Tony Sindelar!

Overcoming alcoholism is apparently easier than overcoming Nawlins-ism. Pepper Potts. Nuf said. Gambit is the coolest! I had to give this to my 12-year-old self.

Ecch, Gambit

Gambit - too 80’s

I can’t believe you made me vote against Gambit. He should have been eliminated already!

Less ridiculous

Does Gambit have a great theme song from a limited movement mid-60’s cartoon show? I DON’T THINK SO.


Stupid suit and a stupider mustache.

Latveria (not Gotham, if I remember the regions) is very good to Tony Stark.

Cherie. Really.

Tony Stark is a douche.


“This question is best answered by asking ““Who would you rather spend a weekend out partying with?””

I think the answer is clear.”

He has more flair, mon cher.

Its not in the cards, mon ami

Gambit is not as horrible as he is often held out to be (including by me), but he is still pretty horrible.

Come on.


billionaires are boring but still

We’re talking about a game of cards, right?

”"”My super power is based on bridge, let me explain the rules…””


Apparently the coolest of the X-Men?

I liked the movie

Gambit is cool because he thinks he is. Iron man is cool becuase he made himself cool.

Are you kidding? I had barely even heard of Iron Man before the recent Marvel movies, but Robert Downey Jr. has done a fantastic job w/ a flawed character that I surprisingly care about.

Gambit sucks. Never, ever, EVER Gambit. ##”It’s rigged, Tony purchased this victory. “

Ne jamais ne pas voter contre Iron Man.

I would be be repulsed if Gambit won Uses his skill set.

Tony Stark may be an ass (mostly), but MIT alums stick together; he’s OUR ass. Cards Gambit? Really?

Omega level mutant vs man in suit.

It not you. It Gambit b

COME ON. Gambit is just the worst. Really.

Gambit should NEVER have gotten this far. Gambit should NEVER have gotten this far.

Gambit is dumb.

I hate Gambit. Tony is brainy, has a lot of ingenuity and a super-suit that’ll just cream that Creole jackass.


No pink armor

Clever one-liners beat random French words. “Iron man, iron man, does what ever an iron can Drop to earth like a brick He’s an alcoholic dick Hey there, here comes the iron man”

Throwing playing cards way cooler than a metal suit

If Gambit used ballbearings, I’d find him less silly, but then he’d be Boom-Boom. I just don’t understand why anyone puts up with Gambit.

I’m mean c’mon!

Don’t care. Neither is Batman. But at least Iron Man is rich like Batman.

Because of the SNES game He’s the first character outside of Wolverine that my dad and I bonded over, because I was fascinated by the exploding cards as a kid. I used to take decks of cards and throw them across the room desperately hoping they’d explode. If memory serves a friend and I once tied a firecracker to a playing card, lit it, and threw it into the yard to watch it explode. Would tony build a gambitbuster? Gambit is arguably the worst but I always really enjoyed him in the 90s X-Men cartoon. Somebody has to like him best! “…

…Gambit was my favourite X-men (X-man?) as a kid. “


Extremis got me reading comics again

What’s with Gambit’s eyes?

Iron Man has been a staple of the MCU. Gambit was interesting in the 90s xmen series, but not interesting enough to overcome iron man. Has he lost his mind; can he see or is he blind?

Almost tempted to go with Gambit after listening to the first round. But I can’t bring myself to eliminate Iron Man. This should have been at least a semifinal.

Love a man in a suit. Shame on everyone for picking Gambit. Shame.

“I never understood gambit’s choice of playing cards as signature move. There is an art to throwing playing cards with accuracy, I guess. But since the cards I used to throw never exploded, I got tired of always having to find them all afterwards.

As a kid, iron man never was that interesting to me. I do appreciate him much more now as an adult. Seeing tony stark as not just a billionaire playboy inventor, but as a flawed human being who tries to do what’s right (even if he can’t get out of the way of his own ego sometimes) And have you seen the tony stark/ iron man suit in a case cosplay video on you tube? “

Iron man has more depth

I had dropped the X-Men by the time Gambit came around.

Who doesn’t like an eccentric Billionaire. It’s Elon Musk in a metal suit.

Cards? Really?

My fave character from the X-Men in the 90s. Tony Stark is a d-bag.

Gambit sucks.

Did Black Sabbath write Gambit’s theme song? I don’t think so. I’m guessing Tony can hold his liquor better than Gambit. Gambit, because as Phil wisely pointed out, Gambit is THE COOLEST XMAN.

Gambit is racist. he is pink which = badass

Gambit is the best mutant. Because fuck Gambit. And his accent too.

I’d rather hang out with a weirdo from New Orleans than a jerk from Malibu.

I still can’t believe Gambit got out of round one. At least he won’t get past Tony. Tony Tony Tony

Neither is going to win it all, so I took a gambit.

Better superhero. ##Gambit is the worst, as are the people who like him. Having Gambit be your favorite hero is kinda like having Scarface as your favorite movie. I’m sure there is a lot of overlap between Gambit fans & Juggalos.

Gambit has a pack of supercharged kinetic energy playing cards. He is potentially even worse than Deadpool. Tony Stark, for all his character flaws, is at least marginally interesting. Come on. Tony Stark. Next. Even as a 6yr old who loved comic books unreservedly and with zero discernment, I knew Gambit was the suck.

“Gambit momentum unstoppable.

Plus Tony suffers from the same ‘not even sure this guy is even a hero’ syndrome as Bats.”

He’s sassy He can at least be interesting. Because Tony Stark was a pro registration drunk. Also, gambit wears a trench coat sometimes. Playing cards?

although Gambit is definitely “cool”, Iron Man is a genius - gotta go with that.

He is, indeed, the coolest superhero ever, cher. Because gambit is lame and shouldn’t have made it to round 2 “Billionaire playboy philanthropist. Throws exploding cards? “

Telescopic staff!!!

Civil War means I will never vote for Tony Stark.

“Mon Ami, pick ah cahd, any cahhhhhhhh… REPULSORED

Stark wins.” “Tony Stark in his suit is one of the most dangerous individuals on earth.

Gambit has a cool power and superhuman agility, but the Iron Man power suite is simply too broad - flight, superstrength, superspeed, powerful kinetic beams, lasers, mini missiles, grenades, not mention an extremely powerful AI co-pilot.

And anyway, Gambit’s whole drifter chic always came off lame.

footnote, comment on last round - the cards actually make a lot of sense, when considered from a projectile/volume perspective. A stack of cards is a lot easier to hold and manipulate than an equivalent number of coins or marbles.” Exploding cards? “I stopped regularly reading comics before Gambit debuted in the X-Men so I’ve always thought he was silly and stupid.

In the mid-70’s, when Iron Man’s comic was put down to bi-monthly status and almost cancelled, I had the guts to ask my father if I could paint a picture of Iron Man on my bedroom wall…. he said yes and I’d KILL to have a picture of it now.

So you can see why I’m happier than a pig in slop when I think about Robert Downey Jr. turning my favorite superhero from a C-Grade Marvel character to the King of the MCU.

Iron Man FOREVER!” Robert Downey Jr. ‘nuff said.

Super-tech versus Cajun attitude? I like cajun in my food. Not in my heroes. Gimme the tech.

Pepper Pots FTW Robert effin’ Downy Jr.

He is not alcoholic

Because I’m still pissed that Iron Man defeated Iron Fist !!

Pepper Potts. Nuf said.

Ironman.. the savior of Marvel Trench coats are lighter than iron suits. Plus : “chere”.

Gambit has also been the leader of a modern day thieves’ guild. He’s also much braver than Tony. I mean, just walking around in those outfits….

Iron Man stories can make even corporate takeovers interesting. Gambit

makes nothing interesting.

Hulk vs Ghost Rider

  • A motorcycle hero immortalized in song by Suicide
  • Iconic in look
  • Purple Pants really? Explain why (optional)

  • The Hulk is boring rage slog

  • Nick Cage < Ang Lee + Ed Norton (and others)

Nic Cage had fake abs in the movie.

  • Because Nicholas Cage (!?)


The Nic Cage films are way better than the Hulk films, although both 2nd films are much better.

Nicholas Cage beats Eric Bana, Edward Norton, and Mark Ruffalo in oscars.

Hulk is immortal!

Because he’s a flaming motorcyclist. He one step from the demon bus driver. Hulk smash.

  • Patron Saint of the Flophouse.

Nicholas Cage…. Hulk Smash!

Penance stare would just make him madder!


Hulk SMASH! Plus, Nic Cage is a joke.

Hulk smash puny revenant. Like (whoever) said, HULK SMASH!

If Nic Cage turns up I reverse my vote

Motorcycle’s are dumb.

Hulk smash. Again.

Smash vs crash. Really.


“I like the Hulk because he’s the hero that everyone, including Bruce Banner, is afraid of. Banner’s relationship to his superhero status is different than many, because he doesn’t want to transform, dreads the time he spends transformed, and does what he can to avoid needing to transform. Bonus point for the Hulk: The science bromance between Bruce and Tony is my favorite part of the first Avengers movie.

Penance stare would only make the Hulk more angry.

Both have terrible terrible movie adaptations. Only the Hulk has an ok one on top of those.

Nic cage, nuff said

Wins this question as a “Nick Cage played me” appologia.

The Hulk is a really problematic character, but…that sad piano music…come ON. (Plus, Ghost Rider is just so LAME.) The Hulk was one of my least favorite superheroes until “The Avengers” came out. Mark Ruffalo finally made the character work for me.

Hulk smash.

Because SMASH! (and Nick Cage.) Hulk is like superman but with real flaws.

Ghost Rider doesn’t leap in the air and leave craters when he lands.

Hulk rocks Doctors who use their brains are sexy.

Hulk SMASH puny flaming skull! ‘Nuff said.


The Hulk has a metaphor that works.


This is my upset. This is my upset.

puny bike rider.

He’s The Hulk and he’s the strongest one there is. Seriously, Bruce and The Hulk both have a heart of gold and have been heroic in the face of relentless persecution for ages. Ghost Rider is for kids to think he’s so cool because he’s in leather and his face is on fire. That’s dumb. Dumber than The Hulk ever was. The hulk always looks fake.

Nick Cage - ‘nough said

My son is 10. I understand Hulk

HULK SMASHES PUNY MOTORCYLE!!!!! Smash fire skull man. Make Hulk cough.

Comparing the two movies the hulk ones where way better. The tv show totally rock and Lou ferruginous was a nice guy

“I’ve never read any Ghost Rider, and I’ve watched lots of Hulk… I can’t get back that time I wasted. Bruce Banner is interesting, but The Hulk is boring…

I should read World War Hulk sometime…” Hulk Smash Nicholas Cage

could go either way Hulk smash!!

Don’t care. Neither is Batman.

Ghost rider, really? C’mon. If that 2007 movie had starred Sam Elliott instead of Nic Cage, I could see voting for Ghost Rider. I’ve only liked The Hulk in stories that don’t start The Hulk. It doesn’t remotely count, but the Film Critic version, is my favorite Hulk. SMASH!!!!!!

Nic Cage

Because i want to be him and have scarlett johanson soothe my temper

Which Ghost Rider is this? If it’s the new one with the Camaro I’d consider switching. But it’s got to be the Hulk.

I enjoyed the Hulk movies (even the first one). I didn’t even bother watching Ghost Rider. HULK SMASH!

Hulk Smash!


Ghost rider does not have any smash related catchphrases Hulk Smash Ghost Rider.

Hulk Smash. He’s big. He’s green. He’s Lou Ferrigno. What’s not to like?

Flaming skulls and bikes - so dated.

Hulk smash.

Hulk Smash.

Hulk smash!


Again, not a fan of either, but the Hulk has at least done some cool stuff. Ghost Rider is just some dude that needs to be put down. Why not have Doctor Faustus on the list…..

Because Peter David run.

Named a planet after him


Peter David

Maybe Nic Cage would beat the hulk is he were just Nic Cage.

Like Ghost Rider more. Neither one are superheroes, per se. But, HULK SMASH!!!

Sadly, there was no option for ‘no award’, so I go with the Hulk, who is marginally less dumb than Ghost Rider. Also, Nic Cage.

Of all the Jekyll and Hyde clones in comic history, the green guy remains the high water mark. HULK SMASH

I pit the best Ghost Rider (tie between the new hotrodder and the Old West jerk) versus the best Hulk (Joe Fixit!) and GR wins by a nose. This is entirely due to Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk convincing me that there was a huge depth to The Hulk.

Because not the Hulk.

It isn’t easy, being green Fond memories of Peter David’s Hulk…no fond memories of any Ghost Rider ever (motorcycle version anyways…the recent car version was good)

Yeah, there have been numerous developments of this character. Still, in a classic sense, Hulk is another superhero with unusual motivations. Hulk simply wants to be left alone. Supervillian’s, the military and others seem to be bent on irritating the Hulk out of some perverse belief they can bottle that rage. On the whole, Hulk/Bruce Banner represents everyone during that part of the day when low blood sugar hits. You’re just going to be hell to deal with.

hulk smash


Because Hulk is the strongest there is. I actually liked the Ang Lee picture. Ignoring the terrible movie, like the anti-hero element “Hulk smash. Nic cage.. Nuff said “

The Lonely Man! (piano theme)

Hulk is strongest there is! “Ghost Rider tries way too hard to be way too hardcore.

The big green guy all day.” Hulk smash works every time. “Ghost Rider had two bad movies. The Hulk had 1 bad movie and 1 OK movie… but he also had a cool TV show that introduced the concept of ““Sad Hulk Music”” to the general populace.

I go with the Green Guy… ““Doc Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays, turns into the Hulk, aint he unglamor-ayce””” 70s TV show for the win.

Hulk has gone through too many colours for me to take him seriously anymore. Puny god.

Puny God!!! Can’t get over Nick Cage and… HULK SMASH

Hulk represents the struggle of our inner demons. Ghost rider is a man with a burning skull on a motorcycle.

Anybody that can punch out Thor is worth a vote.

“Let’s compare… Ghost Rider: 2 films, both terrible. Hulk: 2 films, both terrible.

And then they got the Hulk right.. Thanks Mark/Joss!

” Cage.

Ghost Rider car. It’s so cool looking. Come on. Fire vengeance demon.

”"”I pulled the trigger. He spit it out.””

"”Banner”” was a great mini-series that inspired that line in the movies. There have been many bad stories with the Hulk, but Ghost Rider can never be in any stories that are as powerful as the Hulk’s best. “ Nicolas Cage has no chance against Bill Bixby,Lou Ferrigno, Edward Norton or Mark Ruffalo. Heck, Nic Cage would even loose against Eric Bana’s version…

Silver Surfer vs Kitty Pride


Teenage crush.

Alan Davis

Not a huge fan of either character, but Kitty Pryde is a positive female role model in comics, one of the first. Hunky bald surfer dudes are doing fine.

I have no good reason either way.

Silver Surfer is technically a villain.

Having a surfboard does not make one cool.

In addition to being a key figure in Marvel’s X-Universe, Kitty was also a favorite of Joss Whedon’s so we can probably give her credit for inspiring Buffy, too. Silver Surfer is stupid.

Power cosmic

Who is cuter, I mean really? Plus who got a mention in Weezers In the Garage, quite possibly the most nerderific nerd antham of our or any generation. Kitty Pryde is the emotional heart of the X-Men, and one of the first, best interpretations of an actual brainy teen girl. Silver Surfer is cosmic angst.

Cosmic power is just too powerful!

I cannot forgive Silver Surfer for the impossible NES game that bears his name

She phases into walls, and isn’t a harbinger of doom. Silver Surfer is just Galacticus’s tool! Kitty Pryde is her own woman who reminds us all to not be racist. And that walking through objects is kinda cool.

Silver shine

Silver surfer, despite the name, does not talk like Jeff Spicoli. Because Dan Slott’s current series basically makes him a silver timelord.


He’s silver…and has a space surfboard. ‘nuff said.

Infinite Power vs. Teen Angst? Really?

Whilst not my first comic book, Excalibur was the first one I regularly spent my own money on. That outweighs other decisions.

Ultimate Spider-Man and Kitty hooking up in the ultimates

Kitty has a purple pet dragon. Nuff said.

Silver surfer looks like an ass Weird spellings are cool.

You can’t escape the fact that Silver Surfer was in the awful Fantastic Four sequel. Besides Kitty is awesome!

This was tough. I love Kitty Pryde, but the Surfer’s most recent series has been fantastic.

I don’t know much about comic books, but I do know that the Silver

Surfer partakes in a sport that was last cool in about 1962, and everyone seems to love Kitty Pryde. Popularity wins.

reasons It was posited in the first round that Gambit was the coolest of the X-Men. The correct answer is “Kitty Pryde.” A character with one of the strongest arcs in the Marvel universe, rising from teenage replacement to a professor at Jean Grey Academy. I love that she is a grounded, down-to-earth mutant, with complicated relationships and plenty of Platonic friendships. Surfer’s is a minion, Kitty’s a leader. ‘Nuff said.

Non-alliterative name (besides general awesomeness).

SS whines

Kitty Pryde is a positive role model for female readers of comics and is generally cool whereas Silver Surfer is simply cool. He’s a silver guy on a surf board. What more could Steve Lutz want?

Kitty Pryde’s movie didn’t suck.


She can walk through walls; he can fly through space. In terms of power alone, SS would prevail. However, as a character, KP is head and shoulders over any herald.

“He: responsible for the deaths of billions She: saved the Earth by phasing an interplanetary bullet “ Obviously this is arbitrary, but so were the eliminations of many women and persons (or person like entities) of color in the first round.

Two words: Power Cosmic Doesn’t she marry Star-Lord and then go on to lead the Guardians of the Galaxy? Sold. Jewish

Intergalactic scout of a planet eater is a horrible person to back

He’s so shiny!

Kitty Pryde is a grown-ass woman. Silver Surfer is just a weirdo in some kind of silver bodysuit.

Surfer was an attempt at riding surfing fad of 50’s and 60’s

A childhood favorite.

Silver Surfer would knock her clear back into the progrock album cover from which he emerged. Kitties can’t get their claws into his silvery skin

Kitty who?

The Surfer has the best character design of any superhero.

Silver Surfer can save whole planets. Kitty Pryde can’t.

It’s the power-cosmic, dude. ##hardworking hero who grew tremendously over the years

Mike. Allred.

A cosmic herald is cool and all, but Kitty Pryde was primo teenage nerd crush material. She phased through walls and many teenage comic book nerd hearts, becoming a leader in her own right at times.

Far stronger Morose v. phasing. PHASING! Plus leadership role female.

She really tied the team together. “Kitty pride has cooler powers than being a random dude on a surfboard “

The Power Cosmic and a surf board doesn’t phase me. Kitty Pryde all the way!

Silver Surfer is one of the coolest dudes in the universe but would be a terrible friend. Kitty Pryde would be the Best-Best-Best-BFF. Kitty who? Awesome feminist example. Because Kitty is badass

Silver Surfer is a drag

I like cats though.

She’s awesome, smart, and can think her way thru anything. He has the ultra-convenientower cosmic and still spends his time moping. Astonishing X-Men vol 3 Dan Slott’s Silver Surfer reboot a couple years back was really good, but Kitty Pryde has been one of the greatest characters in the last 30 years. She has her own story and consistently enhances the stories of other characters.

The ‘y’ in her last name


Silver Surfer is just too enigmatic. When we get to the presentation of the trophy he’d probably just stand there and look at us.

He looks so cool

Surf boards are stupid

Never ‘got’ Silver Surfer. And neither will get past Spider-Man, anyway. I go with Pryde to the Sweet 16. Silver Surfer mumbles too much to keep an effective defense. Even in alternate timelines she’s awesome. Surfer is just a shiney whiner.

Kitty! Also Silver Surfer is such an emo, despite being depicted as totally disco.

Radd. “Kitty Pryde has cool powers (that she can use to save one person or save the world from a giant bullet) and a tiny dragon named Lockheed. She’s also the reason I started watching X-Men cartoons when I was a kid.

Silver Surfer is a Capri Sun ad. “

As a kid, whenever anyone asked me what superhero I would want to be, I would always say Silver Surfer. This basically ended the argument every time. Silver Surfer wields the Power Cosmic which means he pretty much has every other characters powers combined. Eventually it was decided that choosing Silver Surfer was unfair.

Because I like kitties Underrated as an important character.

Silver surfer wouldn’t phase her.

Kitty can light my menorah.

Kitty Pryde is wonderful.

Ninja who befriended dragons vs. 60s kitsch? This is supposed to be a contest?

lack of creativity with the design of the silver surfer Surfs up

I love Kitty Pryde, but she doesn’t have the power cosmic and Norrin Radd does.

Kitty has more of an arc to me. Plus she can move through walls and stuff.

I am skeptical that someone made of silver - which is of 10 times the density of water - would make a good surfer.

kitty pryde because I think she is a lady super hero. too many dudes!

We’re all Silver Surfer. Alone on our board, trying to find Zenn-La.

I was a big X-Men fan in the 80s and that was the heyday of Kitty Pride. Plus, I never “got” the Silver Surfer. Kitty Pryde is awesome from top to bottom, from her name to her powers to her personality.

Kitty is in a Weezer song. Can the Silver Surfer say that?

I have a human bias and Silver Surfer doesn’t seem to be an entirely “good” hero. Don’t know much about the silver surfer.

Silver Surfer is a mopey metal man.

What exactly are the Surfer’s powers? Nuff said.

Kitty Pryde rocks Kitty Pryde is underrated and deserves more attention.

SIlver’s a nice color and all, but with what little I know about both these characters, the edge goes to Kitty, mostly because of that Fantastic 4 movie.

Kilgore says, “surf or fight” …but what about surfing and fighting. this fight is clearly his.

I don’t know who kitty pryde is.

Best POV character in comics.

The Surfer has a… surfboard. Kitty Pryde? An effin’ dragon.

Of all the “next gen” mutants, only Kitty was badass enough to eventually run the school for gifted youngsters. Of all the “next gen” mutants, only Kitty was badass enough to eventually run the school for gifted youngsters.

Kitty saved the earth by phasing an enormous bullet through the whole planet, she’s a genius and she hugs an alien dragon thing.

She’d end up making the Surfer cry and feel really guilty. And then Lockheed would growl at him and he’d just leave.

Because of Fox

It’s the only choice in this Whedonesque world

“Why is this even a question?? Was Kitty Pride a major part of a lousy ““Fantastic Four”” movie? No?

Kitty Pride wins. “ Power Cosmic. I mean, really, Power Cosmic? C’mon

She’s just cool and a better person

Story about enigmatic alien, and sometime laptop to planet eater… Vs the most reader view approachable superhero in comics? And really, a surf board???

She wasn’t in a crappy fantastic four movie.

Heart of the x-men

Don’t care. Neither is Batman.

Silver surfer is boring. Kitty can be not boring at times. “SHE’S GOT A PET DRAGON, IS A COMPUTER GENIUS, AND HAS A NON OFFENSIVE POWER BUT STILL MANAGES TO KICK ASS! WHAT DOES SILVER SURFER HAVE? A SURFBOARD! BIG DEAL ANY DOG CAN DO THAT!” He surfs! My only exposure to Silver Surfer is the 2007 movie, which was awful, and Kitty Pryde was awesome in Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men.

The Surfer is very patient

More fun!

Because cats are proud

“She phased a planet killing bullet through the entire earth. She is also the new Starlordress.

Silver surfer has a surfboard.”

The Silver Surfer movie was so much worse than the 1990s men cartoon series. Shiny!

Ellen Page forever!

Phasing and in general is awesome. Because Professor Xavier is a jerk!

Simply put: silver surfer never interested me as a character. I’m not extremely familiar with the x-men universe, I didn’t grow up reading that book, but kitty pryde (and just about any of the x-men) seem more interesting than that silver cosmic dude.

Weezer - in the garage. Nuff said Kitty is less tortured.

Kitty Pryde because Silver Surfer was too difficult to use in Lego Marvel. I’m doing this solely for Andy.

Guy’s got issues but hey - personal mirror coatings will never go out of fashion.

Way less moping. More relatable.

Kitty Pryde is mentioned in a Weezer song. Also she’s my favourite comic book character a smart woman who can solve problems without violence or with violence if need be.

Surfing rocks

Kitty has personality, silver surfer is just a white lump of angst and regret. Also, surfers stopped being cool around the time Spicoli graduated. Days of Future Past. Need I say more? Norrin Radd has the Power Cosmic. ‘Nuff Said.

Part surfer dude, part stoic apocalypse rider, he has more awesome factor. I’ve never gotten stoned enough to understand why people like Silver Surfer. who likes siliver

Because Ellen Page.

Bald dude vs. strong young woman

I have to vote for Kitty here, because when I was a kid reading X-Men I had a tremendous crush on her. Unfortunately, not being named Peter, I had no chance with her. Oh, and the fact that she’s not real. A pensioner who uses the Internet could never beat a kitty.

Because I went through puberty in the eighties.

hes like cosmic or something.

Kitty is a fun character but the Silver Surfer is a better character . Love SS, but he’s not a superhero.

Kitty Pryde all the way. From bit part character to heart of the X-Men, she’s had a fantastic character arc.

Dude, he’s like totally silver.

She’s Jewish I never got Kitty Pride as a character. The Surfer I instinctively got from the get go. Only one of these characters is associated with a tiny dragon.

Silver surfer defeated Galactus

Kitty is cool..Norrin Rad…overpowered, yet ineffective

Someone said it during round 1, he’s silver and he surfs the universe.

woman power!

She has a pet dragon!

Kitty don’t surf.

Really loved him as a kid and enjoy the turn character has taken over past 3 years. I will overlook the moping in between. “He’s silver dude with cosmic powers. She isn’t “

As far as I know, all SS has is surfing and angst. KP is so much more versatile and interesting!

I like the new SS comic, but think Kitty Pryde is much more important to Marvel. The power cosmic vs. the power intangible. Kitty gets the edge because I ship Ultimate Kitty Pryde and Ultimate Spidey. Though my 13 year-old self is threatening to shave my head while I sleep, Norrin Radd has too many advantages - beyond the absurd mismatch in overall power, how many cosmically powerful being are long-winded pacifists that also lose their temper and beat people up? Invincible beings from the cosmos are hard to beat. “While Kitty is an awesome character we all grew up with, the Surfer has the POWER COSMIC! He crossed his boss, Galactus and lived to tell the tale.

I also just found out that Storm Thorgerson wanted the Silver Surfer

on the cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, so I go with the Surfer.” I’ve at least heard of Kitty Pride.

A shiny silver angst-ridden alien versus a teenage angst-ridden mutant. A close one… but Kitty Pryde has hope, humour, anger, and any number of human emotions compared to the Surfer’s ego, righteousness and guilt. And she can walk through walls. I wanna do that!

Ultra powerful dude who sounds like a stoner talking about his power cosmic

Kitty who?

Silver Surfer is great, especially in the latest comics, but Kitty wins. Dragon pet !

What’s Silver Surfer’s power anyway, other than a hover board?

Kitty is best as a contrast to others. The Surfer is at his best when he reflects our own conscience.